China Pharma Solutions

Your Trusted Partner in Expediting Drug Registration and Approvals in China

Streamlining Drug Distribution in China

Our China business, located in the bustling Macau Administrative Region, is a full-suite pharmaceutical company dedicated to the global introduction of innovative drugs, as well as drug distribution and registration.

Key facts

  • Established 2017

  • 137 Greater China employees

  • 7 Greater China subsidiaries

  • 6 full product approvals

  • 20+ approvals in pipeline

  • 300+ partner companies

Powered by Partnerships and Teamwork

Leveraging our robust collaborative advantages, we and our local affiliates have successfully introduced over ten groundbreaking products to the Chinese market within a span of five years, opening new avenues of treatment for thousands of Chinese patients.

To further bolster our commercial endeavors, we have established a highly capable commercial team in Hong Kong, China. Equipped with profound market insights and extensive industry experience, we are steadfast in our commitment to bringing innovative products to patients across China and beyond. Our goal is to enhance the medical landscape by introducing a wider array of high-quality medical products and treatment solutions to the Chinese market, making significant contributions to the advancement of healthcare in China.


Product Introduction & Distribution

We provide pharmaceutical companies with quick, easy, and cost-free access to the China market via exclusive distribution agreements.

Drug Registration & Approval

We quickly register pharmaceuticals in Macau and Hong Kong with access to Lecheng Hospital in Hainan, plus hospitals in the Greater Bay Area through the Medical Device Connect policy.

Cross-Border Distribution

We supply pharmaceuticals to cross-border platform merchants such as JD International and Tmall Global, with established relationships with 70% of merchants.

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