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We are a US-based pharmaceutical wholesaler focused on international exports. Our New York locations hold a wholesale drug license, retail pharmacy license, and DEA license, ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory standards and enabling effective management of pharmaceutical logistics and distribution. Through the excellent leadership of our president, Mike Zhou, who is also a partner at HK Pharm and Macau Wuzhou, brings over 30 years of pharmaceutical business experience and a background as a neurologist to ACA Pharma. This unique perspective enriches our understanding of the challenges and opportunities in delivering advanced treatments to patients.

Proven Track Record

Proven Performance of Success and Impact:

  • Last year alone, our team successfully registered more than 40 US and European medications, including multiple orphan drugs.

Powered by Partnerships:

  • Our office in Macao is also a proud partner and supplier to China Resources Pharmaceutical Group, one of the Fortune Global 500 companies.
  • This collaboration significantly enhances our distribution and logistics capabilities across China, ensuring extensive coverage for rare disease treatments nationwide.

Fostering Innovative Collaboration

Our preferred relationship involves operating as a Contract Sales Organization (CSO), where we are responsible for the commercialization of registration and sales without a mileage fee. We handle all aspects of registration, distribution, and logistics, allowing manufacturers to focus solely on fulfilling the increasing volume of orders once registration is achieved. This model is particularly beneficial for older drugs with short patents, where traditional fee structures do not add value.

Your local partner on the ground

Let us help you expedite your registration for China Market today!

Why work with us?

  • Our business model requires no additional investment from the manufacturer.

  • Fully licensed operations in Macau and New York, ensuring adherence to rigorous regulatory standards.

  • We have a proven performance of success and impact powered by strong and dependable partnerships.

  • We specialize in expediting the registration of both new and orphan drugs in Macau, completing this critical process within just 30 to 90 days.

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